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アラクス/ ARAX

Norshin 64 Tablets Paracetamol

Norshin 64 Tablets Paracetamol

Norshin Tablet works well for headaches and other aches and fevers through the synergy of the three active ingredients of the ACE formula (Acetaminophen, Acetamide and Caffeine Hydrate). This small, easy-to-take tablet is easy on the stomach, acts quickly, and contains no drowsy or addictive ingredients.

1. Headache, toothache, dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea), neuralgia, joint pain, lumbago, shoulder pain, sore throat, earache, pain after tooth extraction, muscle pain, bruise pain, sprain pain, fracture pain, trauma pain< br> 2. Cold and fever antipyretics

2 tablets (one dose)
Acetaminophen 300 mg
Caffeine Hydrate・・・70mg
Acetamide 160mg
Contains hydroxypropyl cellulose, calcium silicate, pregelatinized starch and magnesium stearate as additives.

Usage and Dosage
Please avoid fasting as much as possible and take the following dosage. Leave at least 4 hours between doses.

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