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アラクス/ ARAX

Norshin Paracetamol 48 Tablets

Norshin Paracetamol 48 Tablets

It is an antipyretic and pain reliever that can be taken by the whole family from children 7 years old to adults.
The small, easy-to-swallow tablets dissolve quickly and are effective for fevers and headaches.
It contains no ingredients to make you drowsy, and since it's caffeine-free, it won't disturb your sleep.

1) Fever reduction
2) Headache, joint pain, sore throat, earache, muscle pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, neuralgia, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, bruise pain, fracture pain, sprain pain, dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea), trauma pain relief

2 pieces
Ingredient quantity effect
Acetaminophen: 300 mg: Acts on the central nervous system to rapidly reduce fever and pain.
Contains hydroxypropyl cellulose, calcium silicate, cellulose, povidone and magnesium stearate as additives.
Please avoid fasting as much as possible and take the following dosage.
Leave at least 4 hours between doses.

[Age: One Dose: Daily Dose]
Adults (over 15 years old): 2 tablets: up to 3 times
●Over 7 years old and under 15 years old: 1 tablet: up to 3 times
● Babies under 7 years old: Do not take it

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