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Kerolin 64 Packet Aspirin

Kerolin 64 Packet Aspirin

It is an antipyretic analgesic containing acetylsalicylic acid and crude drug (Keihi), which is effective for pain and fever such as headache and menstrual cramps.
・Acetylsalicylic acid and anhydrous caffeine work together to effectively relieve headaches and menstrual cramps.
・It is a powder preparation containing herbs (Ceihi).
・Contains no drowsy ingredients.
・Easy to carry around.

Headache, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, sore throat, earache, joint pain, neuralgia, low back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, bruise pain, fracture pain, sprain pain, dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea), trauma pain. For fever and cold.
1 pack [1 pack 800mg]
Acetylsalicylic acid 600mg
(immediately suppresses pain and fever)
Caffeine Anhydrous 60mg
(contributes to antipyretic and analgesic effects)
Cinnamon powder ... 60mg
(Crude drug ingredients that soothe the stomach)
Contains potato starch as an additive.

Take the following doses up to two times daily, avoiding fasting if possible. Leave at least 6 hours between doses.
15 years and older (adults): 1 packet per dose, 2 doses per day
Under 15 years: Do not take
<Precautions for usage and dosage>
Strictly follow the prescribed usage and dosage of this medicine.

Powder powder

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