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Alpitan 12 packs Hangover headache Chinese medicine

Alpitan 12 packs Hangover headache Chinese medicine

・An internal medicine that is effective for alcohol-induced headaches and hangovers.
・It is a quick-dissolving granule type.

Can be used regardless of physical strength, accompanied by headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, swelling and other symptoms: water-soluble diarrhea, acute gastroenteritis (abdominal distension do not use), heat stroke, swelling, headache, hangover

Daily Dose (3 Packets: 4.5g)
Wuling Mountain Extract・・・2.3g
Bag of grain/3.0g
Atractylodes macrophylla/3.0g
Cinnamon Extract / 2.0 g
Contains hydroxypropylcellulose and lactose as additives.
・Since this product uses natural products (herbal medicine), the color of the granules may vary slightly.
Please take the following amount of water or hot water before or between meals.
age/single dose/number of doses
Adult (over 15 years old)/1 pack/3 times a day
7 to 15 years old/2/3 packs/3 times a day
4 to 7 years old/1/2 pack/3 times a day
2 to 4 years old/1/3 pack/3 times a day
Do not take under 2 years old/×.

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