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Paracetamol Tablets Kunihiro 20 Tablets

Paracetamol Tablets Kunihiro 20 Tablets

Headache, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, sore throat (sore throat), earache, joint pain, neuralgia, back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, bruise pain, fracture pain, sprain pain (sprain pain) ・Analgesic for menstrual pain (menstrual pain) and traumatic pain. Chills (chills due to fever)/fever subsides during fever
DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Take the following amounts. However, if you have chills or a fever due to a cold, try to avoid taking this medicine on an empty stomach.

[Age: One Dose: Daily Dose]
Adults (15 years and over): 1 tablet: up to 3 times. Leave at least 4 hours between doses.
Under 15 years: Do not use.

Ingredients/Amount in 1 Tablet
Acetaminophen 300mg

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